Robux Generator Guide for 2020 | Get Free Easy Robux Today

I know you have wasted many hours on fake Robux Generator methods or software and still looking for the real Robux Generator. Well, this is your lucky day then because we are going to unveil the best reached ways to get free Robux in Roblox. There are countless websites offering fake methods to provide Robux generator. To be honest, none of them is real. Either they are looking for your account information to steal from you or they just want a click on the provided link. But it doesn’t mean there are no legit ways to generate free Robux. Remember where a vice is, there must be a virtue. So, there are websites that provides you with free Robux and many other exciting offers within a complete legitimate ways. All you need is to read this comprehensive Robux Generator guide and follow the simple steps to earn free Robux and gain many other exciting rewards for Roblox. Get Free Robux CLICK HERE .


Robux Generator Guide for 2019- All Legit ways to get Free Robux

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an exciting game with front unique mechanics and high fun experiences. The game consists of many thrilling stages that includes creating new worlds and entering into a place where you have to generate everything by yourself. The most appealing aspect of Roblox is its community that brings a distinctive and fun approach towards modern gaming. It’s a real fun that always offers something new and creative for players. You can play Roblox with your friends by inviting them and also talk to each other in the game. The game also offers badges that are awarded to improve your gaming experience. You must a freedom as a player to create your virtual character in the game which is really exciting such as hats, head, gears, clothing, body shapes and many more.

What is Robux?

Every game has specific amount of currency to purchase various items from their store. Robux is a Robux currency which is used by players to buy different custom accessories, special features, essential premium upgrades and many more. With the help of Robux, you can create plans along with uploading thumbnails for your own places. In simple words, it is one of the crucial ways to survive in this game. If you don’t have Robux, it can really hard for you to survive in this game. When you buy an item with Robux, you can use the item for trade and sell it in the Roblox.

robux free

Commonly, players get Robux by completing various tasks and achieving certain goals in the game. Majority of Roblox players search for Roblox Hack or Free Robux Generator. Most of the time, people come across websites that offers your Robux through “Free Robux Generator” or Roblox Hack” but as I mentioned earlier, they are fake websites. Whether you are a newbie or a desperate Roblox player searching for legit ways to get Free Robux Generator, you are at the right place. Here are some of the best and real Robux Generator ways to get free Robux without spending a single dime.

  1. Get Free Robux with RobuxMania

RobuxMania is one of the legit sites that are just like to GPT (Get Paid to) sites. To get free 1000 Robux on their site, it is essential to earn at least 1000 points. What is so relaxing and real about this website is that they never ask for you login details such as Roblox password. All you need is to put the username after visiting RobuxMania and they give you free 5 Robux award as a login bonus.

How to Earn Free Robux with RobuxMania fast?

Here are the 5 simple steps to follow to earn free Robux using the RobuxMania.

Step 1

First of all, enter your Roblox username and instantly get 5 Robux. You can check the points in the provided top navigation panel.

Step 2

Now click on the Offer Wall panel (Offer wall one, Offer wall two and offer wall three).

Step 3

Experiments have proved the best response from Offer Wall One, so choose the Offer Wall 1.

Step 4

Now, simply complete the survey or click on the high points offer and complete the target. (PIN Submit Offer or Mobile App Install).

Step 5

Go to the available Claim selection after the 1000 points and click on the Redeem Now.

In maximum one hour (if it goes well), you will earn 1000 Robux by using this simple method.

Robux Promo Codes List for 2019 (Updated)

Roblox promo codes are real because they are issue by the Official Roblox staff members. Robux admin also generate Roblox promo codes that can be used to purchase an item for free. You can use such codes to buy a free item on the game without spend a Robux.  Take a look at the Roblox Promo Codes list.

Name                                                                Roblox Promo Code

12th Birthday Cake Hat                                  !HAPPY12BIRTHYDAYROBLOX!

Glorious Pharaoh of the Sun                        GAMESTOPPRO2019

Full Metal Tophat                                           Target2018

Showtime Bloxy Popcorn Hat                       $ILOVETHEBLOXYS$

Jurassic World Sunglasses                             JURASSICWORLD

Firestripe Fedora                                            *HAPPY2019ROBLOX*

IOI Helmet                                                          FINDTHEKEYS

Shades of the Blue Bird Following                  ROBLOXROCKS500K

24k Gold Headphones                                       GOLDENHEADPHONES2017

Playful Red Dino                                                 ONEMILLIONCLUB!

Bloxikin #36: Livesteamin’ Lizard                     ROADTO100KAY!

Vulture’s Mask                                                    SPIDERMANONROBLOX

Transylvanian Cape                                             HOTELT2

Visor of the Blue Bird Following                        WEAREROBLOX300!

Next Level Future Visor                                       KEEPIT100

Violet Hood of the Ages                                       200kTWITCH

Next Level MLG Headphones                               MLGRDC

Southwest Straw Fedora                                   SXSW2015

KCA Slime Wings                                                  KCSSLIME

150K Summer Shades                                         COOL4SUMMER

50k Space ‘Hawk                                                  SPACESTYLE

The Bird Says_____.                                             TWEETROBLOX

Next Level Blue Headphones                              HEADPHONES2

75K Super Swoop                                                  75KSWOOP

Earning Rixty Codes for Free Robux

Rixty is one of the popular names in the industry of reward point’s platform. It provides many game points. To earn free Rixty codes, Swagbucks is the best company. In order to earn Rixty codes, you have to take some small surveys, download apps and signup for different newsletters. You will create the reward points which can used to trade in for Rixty codes. Commonly, the Swagbucks will send you these codes in your email. You can also get extra rewards for free from the Swagbucks if you have subscribed to their newsletter. The transfer of Rixty codes is legal for many games such as CSGO, World of Tanks, Warframe, CrossFire and above all, the Roblox.

A SECRET WAY TO GET FREE ROBUX (July 2019) Check On Video

How to redeem codes in the Roblox account?

You can use these Rixty codes to conveniently add free Robux to Roblox account without using a free Robux generator.

Step 1

Visit to get started and login in to your Roblox account.

Step 2

Choose Robux from the top menu and then click on Upgrade Now in the left menu or tap on Buy Now to buy a Builders Club subscription. Now select Rixty as the payment form.

Step 3

To redeem your Rixty code, enter it and click on the Redeem. Now click on Submit Order.

Step 4

In case you have redeemed your Rixty code already, click on the “Have a Rixty account?” link, and then wait for the next page.

Step 5

After reaching the Buy Now page, choose the Robux amount you want to redeem for free.

Step 6

Login to your Rixty account with your credentials and you will check your Rixty balance.

Step 7

After completing the specific tasks in your account, you can select the free Robux amount. Complete the purchase and you are done.

Rixty is an authentic way to get free Robux. You can directly pay from your Rixty account and make maximum in the free time.

Earn free Roblox gift card with RobuxHunter

RobuxHunter is just like RobuxMania website. They offer you to earn points and then exchange them with the Roblox gift codes. (You can use the Roblox gift card to buy the Robux and Builders club Membership.) There are dozens of Roblox players using RobuxHunter to earn free Robux. One of the best things about the RobuxHunter is that it offers special discount of higher point’s redemption. You need 1000 points to gain $10 Roblox gift card but you need only 1500 points to get $20 gift card. Don’t wait and grab these free Roblox gift cards and generate Robux for free with it.

How to Earn Free Robux with the iTunes Credit?

This is the method that every Apple user wants to generate Robux for free. You can simply use the iTunes credit or gift cards for get free Robux in Roblox. In order to get started, you need three things, an internet connection, iOS device and an active brain. If you are using Android device, this strategy can also work for you as you can use the free Google Play Codes to gain free Robux. All you need is to complete various tasks to claim your rewards such as watching videos, completing missions or taking a survey. There is also another option that includes signing up for different newsletters besides downloading applications and game in exchange for rewards or points on the Apple Store.

How to Earn Free Robux with Google Play Codes

I am sure you have heard about the Google Play codes and cards. Well, if you don’t know about this then we are here to help you. Google Play Store is an Official Store for Android devices with millions of games, movies, Apps etc. The store features countless free games, apps along with the premium versions which can be purchased using the real money. But we are here to generate Robux for free with legit methods. So, let’s focus on the freeways rather than the premium ones. You can easily find valid websites offering chances to gain free Google Play codes and cards. You can use these codes for free Robux too. It’s not a joke. All you need is to complete various free surveys, complete a given task or subscribe on the website. You can use these points to buy Apps, Videos, Movies or Games on the Google Play Store. But we are talking about free Robux here, so let’s take a look at how to can utilize this method.

One of the most sought out techniques to get free Robux is by using the Google Play codes. This method is highly recommended. Before going for another method, give this method a try.

Not only the Roblox, but the balance of Google Play codes can also be used to redeem points on various games like 8 Ball Pool, Clash of Clans and above all, generate Robux for free.

Trading Collectibles in Builders Club

Buying the premium membership in the Builders club and then use it only for daily free Robux is not justified at all. It can be used for other purposes too. As the Builders Club is popular for its traders, you can use it for trading objects in exchange for free Robux. Every club members have the authority to buy and sell collectibles in the Builders Club Marketplace. This place is really effective to make some additional free Robux if you have high creativity and can also create collectibles by your own. We will discuss it later in this article. We are utilizing the Club to Trade and exchange collectibles to get free Robux. Guess what, you can also set the price on your own for high value collectibles on demand. Do you know people are selling limited edition of collectibles for as high as 17000 Robux worth of a Sword? So, start to find and collect unique objects in the game and then sell them in the Builders Marketplace.

Selling the Crafts and Creations

As we mentioned previously, creativity has huge demand in Roblox. Besides this, you can sell collectibles like Shirts, Hats and Pants and many others. If you have creative designing skills in the Roblox Studio, you can sell builders and many other things for large Robux amounts. People can hire you to create something for them or you can also trade your creations in change to gain free Robux. To start trading and retailing business, we will recommend The Group Recruiting Plaza which is an ideal market place to get things going. Although this place is only group recruitment, most people commonly sell their creation at this market. You can pay about 2000 Robux to building a Café or Script for other players.

Getting the Builders Club Membership

The last method is this list is to separately buy Builders Club with the Official Roblox website. Most people wouldn’t consider this technique as “Free” as you need to buy it with the real money. But the Premium Builders Club Membership offers lot more advantages than your imagination. The Official Roblox stores allow redeeming different offers and rewards just like daily awards. You can get free Robux of a particular amount. Besides this, the amount will automatically enhance as per the membership level.

There are three premium membership ties and the common Robux awards are as following.

  1. Regular/Classic Builders Club

You can get this membership for about $5.95 (monthly). You will get 15 Robux daily with this membership.

  1. Turbo Builders Club Membership

This member ship costs you about $11.95 (monthly). As it is relevantly expensive to the previous one, you will get 35 Robux daily along with other premium features too.

  1. Outrageous Builders Club Membership

With around $19.95 per month cost, this membership offer amazing in-game features and countless other advantages.

The Roblox Company also offers one person starter kits to every Builders Club Member and current users.

For instance, you can purchase the Super Value Kit for about $49.95 that worth 4500 Robux. You can also earn additional 2000 free Robux as a signing bonus but this offer is only for limited time.

Moreover, official updates and other promotions will also benefit premium members. So, this method for generate Robux for free is already the verified one. This will also help you in a long run.

What are the possible risks for using illegal ways to get free Robux?

There are two prime risks linked with using the illegal ways for getting free Robux.

  • Malware infection
  • Banned Account
  1. Malware Infection

First drawback of using illegal ways is the malware infection. The case is common when hacking applications are downloaded. Evil minded developers use these applications to infect you gadget or PC to get some their own benefits. The case is not worse with malware but it is rose when you have to pay specific amount for ransom ware to get file back.

Other nasty impacts of the viruses include the loss of private information. Your bank account, email and address can be hacked due to the malware. So, never go with Robux hacks and such applications that offer fast Robux free.

  1. Banned Account

The second thing is the banned account. When you break the policies in the game, your account may get banned. When you account gets banned, your all game progresses including your creations may be deleted. Do you still want to use this illegal way to get free Robux?

Final Words

Playing Roblox without Robux in your account is useless. The more you have Robux in your account, the more you will enjoy the game. Don’t get fooled with the illegal ways to gain free Robux. If you want to generate Robux for free, follow this guide. Though it will take some time but these are the real and authentic ways that can help you to generate Robux for Roblox. Never share your account with anyone because they will deprive you from Robux and also real money if your bank account is linked to your Roblox account. So, be creative, stay safe to get most of the Roblox.

This was all about the Robux generator methods to gain for Free. You can easily find dozes of websites that offers similar type of tricks and methods. But, all of them are fake methods. Some tricks may work for short time period but as soon as the Roblox Corporation fixes the bugs, they will stop working. In order to keep yourself safe from numerous risks, always use the legit methods to generate Robux. We have share the best and most authentic methods with you. Now it’s up to you to go with the Robux Generator methods and get a dose of free Robux to improve your Roblox experience with our tricks from this detailed guide.